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New Year's Weight Loss Challenge

Thursday, July 24, 2014

New blog

See my new blog following my Whole30 journey.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Detoxing the Mind and Body

I have recently watched two documentaries that have really changed my life. Hungry for Change, and Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. One of the biggest things I have learned from these documentaries is that it is all about the types of food that you eat. If you are eating a healthy diet of nutrient dense food, you are going to feel full, and the good stuff will stop the cravings for the bad. But if all you are eating is “fat free”, “artificial sugar”, processed foods you don’t have a hope of losing weight because those things are toxic and grab onto your fat cells, so it doesn’t matter how hard you work your body says, “we have to save this fat because it is protecting us from the toxins” and your body won’t let you lose the weight. When you detox your body and then you replace those refined, processed, low-nutrition foods, with foods high in real nutrients, it doesn’t matter so much how much you eat because everything you eat is beneficial. But our minds and our bodies are addicted to those processed foods and we WANT, we CRAVE them, we NEED them. We just have to DETOX from our addiction to food and replace our food with good things. When I look at what I feed my kids, I am doing a terrible job. I am trying to reset my eating to be healthy, but I still buy them breakfast cereal with refined sugar (and LOTS of it). My cabinets are full of boxed, processed foods, that resemble real food, but isn’t actually real food. Like Veggie chips. Yeah they are good, they are made from potatoes and not fried, but they sure aren’t nutritious and they won’t ever compare to the real “veggies” they represent. I just recently purchased a juicer, and yesterday I did day 1 of the Joe Cross/Dr. Oz juice cleanse(he was the guy from Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead--Joe Cross, not Dr. Oz). I got through almost one day, had a juice that was NOT good, and it kind of ruined the juicing thing so I quit....and had a regular meal last night. And the cleanse is described as a weekend cleanse...but it really should be a weekend at home with no contact with the outside world cleanse because there are so many temptations out there to pull you away. Like work for example. Although I do totally love my juicer and won't stop juicing as occasional meal replacements (I might even try the cleanse again---but I am leaving out the onion in the "lunchtime" cleanse). My kids love it too. K. can hardly wait for the jucie to stop coming out so that she can drink it. Anything I juice she drinks...she isn't turned off by the varying tastes or murky green colors. She drinks it down and asks for me. C. on the other hand won't even try juice unless it is apple. She says the others look gross. And my DH doesn't help. He makes gross faces and refuses to try the more savory juices...until I give him the death stare and make him take a drink. While researching Hungry for Change I came across this blog which I totally love. Spend some time there, it may change your life. So...that is enough babbling for now...not sure who I am writing this for...mostly myself. It is something I need to remember when I want to reach for the bag of doritoes and coke zero.