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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Midnight Muffin Madness isn't quite midnight, but close enough. And I am baking muffins. Why you mght ask? Well, a food day at work on short notice + muffin mixes in my cupboard= midnight muffins.

I set them on the kitchen counter earlier this evening so that I wouldn't forget. Because I am certainly not going to get up at six am and make muffins. So after Cori was asleep, laundry was washed, Survivor was over, and while I was taking my nice, wonderfully hot bath, reading my adorable Parents magazine, I remembered. "Oh, my muffins."

So, I am waiting for the timer to go off, so that I can get the muffins out of the oven, cool them, and pack them in tupperware to take to work in the morning.

And, of course, baking in my house would not be complete without our super-sensitive smoke detector screaming at nearly midnight while my precious daughter went to sleep only an hour before. And, it isn't like it went off when I was mixing the muffins and the oven was preheating. No, of course not. At that time I would be able to set aside my fork and mixing bowl and fan the ear splitting contraption. That would be too opportune. No, it starts going off when I am pulling my perfectly browned, beautiful muffins out of the oven.

I know you might have been thinking that the muffins were on fire. Sorry to disappoint, but nothing was on fire. Nothing was smoking. Nothing was even smelling burned. So I hurriedly set aside the muffins and took my oven mit and fanned the smoke detector. Cori didn't awake so I was in the clear. One more batch for the oven and I was in the home stretch.

Ring, ring. The last batch just finished. And what do you know, another perfect batch of muffins, and another fire alarm sending me running across the kitche--oven mitt in hand. Gotta love when that happens. Luckily the second alarm of the night didn't alarm Cori and I am able to get those muffins ready for the morning.

Oh, isn't life grand. Midnight muffins and a screaming smoke detector finish up what wasn't too bad of a day. I guess.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Crazy Love

Have you read this book? Francis Chan is amazing. He is truly a spiritually gifted author. He spoke during One Prayer at our church and I really fell in love with his style of speaking. I didn't know who he was, nor did I know at that time that he was a gifted writer with a mega selling book.

Well, I am reading it, and I am amazed, and ashamed. It is really eating me to my core. It is making me really think about the life I live. Not just my Sunday life where we pretend that we didn't fight all morning getting ready for church. Not my Monday night Bible study life where we have our little group that is so close and trusting. But, my life at work, at home, the way I speak to my husband, the way I speak to my child, the way I talk with my sisters. Do the things that I do, think, and say--do those reflect Christ?

Last year I got Cori a little picture for her room that says, "Let those that know you and don't know Christ, come to know Christ because they know you." That is certainly a desire I have for my child, but has that been a desire I have for myself? Well, it certainly should be.

I don't just want to know that love of Christ and keep it all to myself. I want to reach out to those around me and show Christ. It is hard to get over myself, and my little fleshly desires to be rude to those who are rude to me, to answer insult with injury, to give and not expect anything back.

But, Christ is working in me. I am setting myself aside and letting the Crazy Love of Christ renew my heart and mind.

Oh, and if you are interested in reading the book, the bloom button on the right of my blog has the book discussion that I am a part of...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My little cheerleader

Justin had his first home football game. It was a rough game, in the rain, with a lot of points on the wrong side of the scoreboard. But the highlight of the night was Cori getting to go on the field and cheer with the 9th grade cheerleaders.

Since it was raining Cori didn't get to wear her cheerleading uniform, but she did get to be a part of the "team" for just a little bit.

That made the game loss a little bit more bearable.

Next game she will have to wear her cheerleading outfit and hopefully it will be the luck we need.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just call me Martha!

I am so proud of myself.

I crafted some really cute stuff my my new niece and nephew who will be coming late this fall! We had the shower this weekend and it was a blast!

I wanted to make sure that the gifts were unique, two of a kind...he he... and memorable. So...I made them crosses with their names on them, an adorable tub for their toys (thanks to my sister for the idea...she made one for Cori), and had onesies embroidered one in pink and one in blue that say "i'm a miracle".

I have also been collecting some books for a while, especially the beautiful Twelve Gifts of the Birth, in Spanish.

Included in the toy tub were also two OSU pacifiers, and a shadow box with a very touching poem Twin Hearts. My very crafty sister Amy did help me with the shadow box tho.

It was so much fun being able to make stuff!

Cori also got the twins a little Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. She said they can sleep with them. Now we just wait patiently for the twins to come...and we certainly won't rush them.