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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The best ear buds in the world!

I got the most amazing things this week. My awesome friend gave me a pair of Kicker ear buds! See They are amazing. When they are in your ears, even with the music off, you can barely hear people around you. This is awesome for me at work when I am trying to concentrate and get my work done and keep people from interrupting me.

My dear hubby tried them out and he fell in love too. He is excited to try them when he is mowing the lawn. That way he won't have to turn his ipod up to the highest volume to hear the music while he mows. This might save what is left of his hearing.

Also, it helps me keep the volume down about two or three notches when I am listening. The sound quality is amazing. Like nothing I have ever heard before. If you are looking for some new ear buds I totally recommend ones from Kicker. They know sound, so it makes sense they would have the best ear phones.

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