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Monday, January 11, 2010

Doing it all over again...praying third time will be the charm!!!

We have some news! Our house will be up for sale for the third almost as many years. We really want to move to a bigger house. We are in a position right now where it will be extremely beneficial for us to move, financially, and spacialy! We have outgrown our little starter home. It really pains us to leave it, especially since we have done so much to it. (See my post this summer about the amazing swingset my husband built for our dear daughter.)

This is how the story goes...We happened to drive by the house we fell in love with the last time we had our house on the market, and there was a for lease sign. We called the realtor (and by we I mean my husband did all the work) and found out the house will be going up on the market in we wanted to know if they would sell it now. And they will. So that means we had to bust it and get our house ready to sell, NOW. This was something we were not even expecting to talk about, much less even dreamed we could get our house ready for sale in one weekend. But with the serious help of my in-laws, and the amazing feats of strength from my husband...our house is perfect and ready for market.

We looked at the house we love one more time, and decided we really did love it still, and now we are working up papers with the realtor and those should be ready tomorrow. So here we go again. And we need your prayers...big time.

Keeping your house completely spic and span every second of the day is not easy...especially when you have an almost three year old little girl who has a very determined spirit. But we are determined to do it, and we know that we can.

But this time it will be different. Before we were so ready to move, and then we got very emotionally attached to the houses we wanted, and when they would come and go, we were devastated...especially as our house sat and sat on the market. Since two years ago when we had our house on the market the 2nd time, we have really updated a lot, and we do really love our house, even if it is tiny. So we will be okay to stay, but we do want a bigger and newer house. So we are not getting emotionally attached.

We just want to walk in God's will and move where he wants us to be in his timing. So we will be having showings, and we will be cleaning, but we know that God will bring the right people at the right time.

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