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New Year's Weight Loss Challenge

Thursday, January 6, 2011

For a Season

In the past God has really shown me "words" for a season. It hasn't necessarily been for the year...but it is just something that keeps repeating, kind of like a theme for that time in my life. When I first started going to life group and Justin and I started going to Lifechurch, the word that kept repeating everywhere I turned was righteousness. Something I needed to learn and accept. After a really dark time with God was followed up by serious redemption, the theme for me became Grace. Right now, my theme is "portion."

God wants me to make him my portion, instead of relying on unhealthy "portions" of food. Very clever God! I have been feeling this draw for a while...and now I will begin my study of the word portion.

Last night I sat down to read my Bible (for the first time in I don't know how long) {{shaking my head in shame}}. I prayed for what God wanted me to read. He just spoke into my heart and led me to Acts--to find out about the beginning of the Holy Spirit...the one who is with me as my strength and comforter when things are hard with this new lifestyle. I love when God shows me just what I need right at the perfect time. 





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