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Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a great day! And then a sad one :-(

I forgot to check the mail yesterday. I love checking the mail. Usually the mail is just bills, junk, or stuff for my husband, but on the rare occasion, something will be for me and I love when that happens! Oh, and there is always my secret hope for money or a check that I am not expecting, but that doesn't happen except around my birthday, and that is not anytime soon.

My husband grabbed the mail out of the box before church and today I had a great mail day.

Let me give some background: someone (on a blog I am sure) told about a survey you could take and upon completion, the thank you was a year subscription to Martha Stewart Living. I love that magazine. I love surveys. So, I took the survey and ta-da, they came through and yesterday I had the March and April issue of Living in my mail box. It makes me kind of sad that it sat in the mail box all night, all alone. But I am so glad that when I finish this post I am going to run a bubble bath and sit in the tub soaking up all the craftiness that I can only read in awe about and not actually attempt.

It is a beautiful magazine and I am so happy about it. I then told my husband how sad it was that so many magazines are going out of business, and I hope that Living is okay because it is wonderful and makes me so happy.

I then began thumbing through the rest of the mail....bill, bill, junk, junk....oh wait, that one has my name. It is from Wondertime Magazine! The best kids magazine I have ever seen. At first I got a little perturbed because I just paid my bill and thought they can't be trying to get me to renew again already. I check out the postcard. Dear Ms Wondertime Lover, we regret to inform you that you will no longer be receiving Wondertime magazine because unfortunately we have folded. WHAT? Another paper product in this ever-more-paperless world has fallen victim. So heartbreaking. What a great publication. It had beautiful pictures, stories, and the best ideas for things to do with your kids. I couldn't wait until my daughter was old enough to enjoy the things that were in the magazine. Tears might have started brimming from my eye lids, I am not going to lie.

Sad day. RIP Wondertime.

But, hey, at least I have my Martha Stewart Living magazine to keep me warm at night.

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