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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

At The Movies Set

Want to see what our church looks like for our current series AT THE MOVIES?  We don't do VBS so I guess this is our version.  The pastor takes current movies and gives them Biblical perspective.  This is something draws so many people to our church.  They come to visit  just to see what it is all about and then they decide to stay.
Our theme this year is Wizard of Oz and they have gone above and beyond this year.  Enjoy.
It is so amazing!!!!
Check it out if you are in the area of a Lifechurch.  There are churches in Owasso, Tulsa, Edmond, Oklahoma City, Stillwater so there are lots of options in Oklahoma.  And they even have Saturday night church.  We went to the lifechurch in Tulsa on Sunday.  Their set is Transformers and it is equally as awesome.


Sean Anderson said...

I think you might know a friend of mine. Sherri Ward?

What a wonderful church!



Jessica said...

It doesn't ring a bell. Does she know me or does she go to lifechurch?