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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our Secret Garden

Hold onto your hats, I am going to post twice in the same week.

I just had to share what I found tonight. It was a garden, although not really too secret.

In our back yard there is a raised flower bed. A few weeks ago when I looked there were things in there that didn't look like weeds, but I wasn't sure what they were. Tonight however, after Justin dumped dirt from the holes for Cori's swing set in there, I looked closer and saw those things were not weeds at all, but looks like a vegetable and herb garden. I am excited that I get to reap the harvest!

Tonight I discovered what I think may be green beans...

and what I am guessing in basil...very strong smelling and hairy leaves...but my mom just informed me is actually sage...

and what I thought was green onion, but turns out to be garlic!!!

There are some plants underneath all this dirt somewhere...We have to get the dirt off and see if we can salvage them.

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