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Monday, June 21, 2010

Rough night

First off, Happy Summer!

Tonight we were going to start a new family tradition. Snowcones on the first day of summer. I was so excited and so in need of a wedding cake with cream. A quick trip to Wal-mart quickly ruined our new family tradition. It wasn't quite Wal-mart that did us in...but it was the terrible attitude of our three year old. Oh how she is trying our patience lately.

Tonight we took a stand and it was really hard. Oh the tears nearly swayed us, but we realized that we couldn't give in. It was so difficult to not do what we wanted to do as a family. Instead of creating a happy summer tradition, we regrettably came home with a crying kid. That was really hard. But now we know that she understands that we mean business when we ask for her cooperation. Hopefully us putting our foot down tonight will help her obey and cooperate.

Another blog I follow posted just today about raising your children with discipline and it was just another confirmation to me that we made the right decision tonight by sticking to our guns. Maybe we can go for a snowcone tomorrow.

1 comment:

Jess said...

Sorry you had a bad night...just think, we'll have that to look forward to times two!!!