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New Year's Weight Loss Challenge

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well, I was 10 lbs down and didn't even blog about it.

It has been Thanksgiving, and I think I was showing 2 extra lbs on the scale but that is okay, I am buckling in and getting serious.

I want to do the Remember the 10 run around campus in April. Justin and I talked about it. How fun would it be to run a race? I don't want to just lose weight, I want more of a goal to look to. A race that I have to train for is an awesome goal. The run doesn't change. I can't say....oh, I want to run around Boomer Lake and have an infinite amount of time to do it, because I will never get done.

I have to join the gym. It is hard to think about having fewer hours with Cori, but I have to get in shape for both myself and for her. I don't want to be an overweight mom. I want to be fit and healthy and live a long happy life.

So that is my goal. I just have to get started.

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