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Monday, August 3, 2009

Being Intentional

We had some very good friends who lived about 5 houses away and they moved last year at about this time. They have a 1 yr old and we have not kept as good touch as we should have. We see each other occassionally, but they have a life just as busy as ours, with grandparents to see, things to do, and professions to keep.

Today they were able to come to town for a few hours and we had dinner and they came over and we got some time to catch up. I really made me miss them and want to stay in better touch.

It is crazy the things that are so important to us that we just let slip away, day after day and week after week. It makes me think of how we treat our relationship with God. We can be going very, very strong and then gradually, sometimes without our even knowing it, we let it slip away.

Just like with our friends when we have to make it a point to keep in touch, we have to do the same with God. We need to be daily reading in the Word, meditating on scripture, thinking about things above, consulting Him with decisions we make throughout the day, turning to Him when we have a problem, and not just calling up or texting our friends. We need to be purposeful in our relationships, with our friends and with God.

Justin and I started reading our couples devotional. I bought it in November, and for weeks it sat on the dresser in our bedroom. We intended to get to it, but just kept putting it off until "tomorrow night". Then the book got moved into the closet and off the dresser and we didn't give it a passing thought. Well, we are being intentional about it now. I am ready to start being intentional.

This week in the First Place study we are learning about balance, and I think that being intentional about important things are also about balance. So, starting this week Justin and I are intentional about our relationship with God and with each other. And now we will be more intentional with our friends too!

1 comment:

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

This is a very good point. I didn't intentionally become obese, but I was sure intentional when I worked on getting fit and healthy.

Relationships can really help us in our weight loss journey - both family and friends.