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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Love Dare

So....I think this blog is going to be taking a different direction. Let's just say I am not really feeling the food diary thing. I know when I eat good and bad and I know that I need to be moving my body....and I will be talking about that too....but something is going on right now and I just have to have an outlet for it.

I am doing The Love Dare. I love it!!!! It is speaking to me so much and even after three days it is really changing things in my marriage and in the way I look at my spouse.

One thing I am noticing: It is getting a little easier to see how much my darling husband does. And I am making sure I am conscious and I am not pointing out all the stuff he doesn't do. And I am learning to ask things of him instead

I discovered last night when I did the dare about giving him a gift---that I miss surprising him with presents like I did when we were dating.

He is really in love with the Indiana Jones crispy mint M&M's---for those of you who don't know, they are like a candy coated girl scout thin mint cookies, but they are M&M's. They are awesome. I found some for his stocking at Christmas at one of those discount outlet stores and he was remarking the other night about how much he loves them. So when the Day 3 dare was to buy your spouse a present I knew just what I would do. I-- of course-- forgot on my way home, and I ran out suddenly and told him I would be right back. So I ran to the store, found the M&M's, some super comfy and warm slippers (his were shot and he has been wearing mine) got a cute Valentine's day bag, and wrapped it all up and presented him with the present.

He actually jumped up and down over the 5 giant bags of M&M's. I forgot how much fun it is to surprise someone and do something super special for them.

Today's dare is hard, and with the big football game I might actually have to wait until tomorrow, but it is to ask him to tell me (without any rebuttal) 3 things that I do that really iritate him....ouch. I can take it and I will work on it.

This is so fun....and the best thing is that he has no idea what The Love Dare is. He has seen the book around the house, and has seen me reading it, but doesn't really know what it is. I will be found out soon enough when Fireproof comes out on video and we watch it and he figures it out tho.

Whatever....I am having fun. It is making me fall in love with him all over again. And helping me get over my cranky, ol', do-it-my-way-or-else self.

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Sean Anderson said...


I just discovered your blog today. I invite you to read mine too. Just click on me and I think it takes you there. Way to go!
You're doing fantastic!