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New Year's Weight Loss Challenge

Monday, January 5, 2009

What a hard day!

So strep is a lot harder to recover from than I had expected. I am having some side effects from the penicillin shot and they are not so fun, and really not contributing to the fact that I am probably still dehydrated. And, to add that today is a very emotional day and the cry is only causing me more fluid loss.

So my friend, was diagnosed with MS....well, not full blown, but the beginning of it, and of course there are more tests that have to be done, but basically they said "this is what you have." Finally a diagnosis!! But certainly not an easy one to face. light of that, I think...what the heck is wrong with me!!! I am perfectly healthy (or will be in a few days) and I am too lazy to work out and take care of my body, and too stuck in my own carnal ways. I like to eat what I like to eat, and don't really care to change my eating habits and eat healthy.

(Not that I am only thinking of myself....but since this blog is basically my diary to myself....I am really the only one reading it....I am getting a little introspective here.)

We only get one body. One set of lungs (I haven't been kind to those in the past), one brain (if only I could have those brain cells back), one set of organs (okay, so how much can you really do to your spleen) and I am already two down as far as organs go since this past year.

So...I gotta be good. I gotta take care of my body. I need to guard my heart and my mind. I need to work out and do the things that make me feel good. I need to be working on my spirit man and my body.

Yeah, I know it is going to be time away from Cori to go to the gym, but 45 mins three times a week now is sure better than years down the road, when she is up at night with a colicky baby and thinking....boy, I wish my mom were alive so I could call her and ask her a question.

So today I did really good on food.

fruit bar 3 points

chicken Chinese food thing 4 pts

goldfish crackers
tiny twix

fettuccine Alfredo with chx and broccoli
garlic bread

did good on water today.

I am really fighting the urge to eat right now, but I am going to have some sprite zero instead.

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