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New Year's Weight Loss Challenge

Thursday, February 26, 2009

31 days to CLEAN!

Look what I found and I am starting March 1st.

What an amazing thing! I am ready to get started, and I am sure my dear OCD hubby is ready for me to get some extra motivation too.

After having our house on the market for nearly a year last year (9 months to be exact), and having to keep it perfectly clean for all the fabulous no-shows, when we took the house off the market, and football season got into full gear, our house got really out of shape.

We have been slowly working our way back to a show-ready house for our own sanity, but it has been difficult trying to keep up with two full time jobs, a two year old, a daily-puking cat, and a dog who likes to get in the litter box for some "cat snacks." Time and our busy schedules have gotten the best of us, but we are getting back on track.

If you are going to join me, give me a comment, and then follow the link and let's devote March to clean!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I did this challenge in March too, how did you do?