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New Year's Weight Loss Challenge

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Oct 27

I start my physical therapy this morning for my neck/back/shoulder pain! I am excited but I am scared that it is going to hurt.
Weigh in Monday: 176 lbs

3/4 cup cereal-- 3 pts
1/2 cup skim milk--1 pts
2 cups coffee with splenda and powered crappy creamer--2 pts
total: 6 pts

1 piece of Pizza Rustica guessing 6 pts

3 oz lean chicken- 3 pts
1 cup veggies- 1 pt

Total 4 pts

2 milky way fun size 4 pts
9 tortilla chips- 3 pts
1 tbsp spinach dip- 1 pt
1 can sprite zero
Total pts 8

Walking 20 mins- -2 pts
total today 22 pts

I was in a really bad mood today and really snacked bad, but I still stayed in my range since dinner was so low in points. I am pretty proud of myself. I had wanted to do more activity, but it was cold so I didn't get the chance. Also, my neck was hurting really badly from the nerve stretches that I had to do.

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