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New Year's Weight Loss Challenge

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday October 28th

Today's Meals:
Blueberry fruit bar: 3 pts
coffee: 2 pts
Total: 5 pts
Salad with ranch: 5 pts
cottage cheese: 2 pts
toubuli: 2 pts
soup 2 pts
Total 11 pts
Activity-- walk 15 mins - -1 pts
I really don't feel too hungry all the time like I used to when I would "diet".  This time I know that I can do it and I am determined.  Also, I know that God is behind me and the Holy Spirit is guiding me.  I know it will be hard to be "good" with all the candy and food coming up, but I know that I have self-control and that I can say no to the things that I do not need and that will not benefit my body. 
Today I have no energy at all.  I am very tired and didn't sleep well.  I think the steroids are contributing to that.  I took the last one today so hopefully that problem will stop and I will be able to sleep and have energy to move.


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Mickkie said...

Can't read this entry. Seems the text is chinese again! :o)