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New Year's Weight Loss Challenge

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Oct 26

l banana 2 pts
1 modified muffin--guessing 3 pts since I used applesauce instead of oil
coffee--3 cups, one with creamer and two with splenda and skim milk 4 pts
total 8 pts

Pizza hut buffet-- This was not my idea. I tried to be good, but probably had about 14 points.

Dinner tonight is going to be pizza rustica because it is what we have to make . This is going to be very high in the point range too since it is ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, spinach, mushrooms all in a pie crust.

I will start with the good food next week when I go to the store, but for right now this is what we have so I will just have to do some portion control and work out.

I had a walk planned for today but the wind is really high so we will have to skip it. Maybe some crunches and lunges and stuff since we will be stuck inside.

So I did some kiddo aerobics with Cori outside. It was so fun and she was so cute. We "worked out" for 20 mins doing marching, "high knees" which when Cori said it-it sounded like heiney and it was so cute, arms circles, squats, toe touches and sky reaches, and running in place and jumping. It was fun and I wish we had it on video. Some moderate activity which sure beat sitting on our rear-ends after a high point, super yummy pizza rustica.

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