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New Year's Weight Loss Challenge

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Oct 25

Today is a football game day and we are having a bbq, so my points are going to be high.

Froot Loops- 1 cup--2pts
Whole Milk (it is all we have)- 1/2 cup- 2 pts
coffee-- 4 pts

So the rest of the day was really bad because we had the bbq. For lunch and dinner I enjoyed myself and had brisket, bread, potato salad, beans, ribs, chips and dip and one cupcake--even though I really wanted two.

Not too bad of a day, even though I did over eat a little and made my belly hurt.

I didn't get a work out in. We had intended on taking the kids for a walk, but then it got dark and we never did.

1 comment:

Mickkie said...

You are doing great keep up the good work. Who knows maybe next spring we can run a marathon! :o)