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New Year's Weight Loss Challenge

Friday, October 24, 2008

Today's Meals

BeneFit High Fiber Oats and Peanut Butter Granola Bar--2pts
Lemon Cream Pie Yogurt--2pts
2 cups Coffee with creamer--4 pts
Total 8pts

I am going to buy fat-free creamer to get my breakfast points down. It is ridiculous to have 4 points in coffee.

24 oz. water

Campbell's Healthy Select Italian Wedding Style Soup: 4pts
2 small homemade biscuits: guessing 4 pts
Total 8 pts

36 oz. water

Tonight is not a good meal. I gotta get the "unhealthy food" out of the fridge so we are having brats, pork and beans, sauerkraut, and veggies. --So after I typed this I realized that the meal I had planned wasn't really too bad.
bun- 2 pts
beans- 2 pts
steamed squash and zucchini--free pts
sauerkraut--free pts
brat-- 5 pts
12 oz Sprite Zero- free pts
tot 9 pts
24 oz. water
points total for today: 25 pts

Walked for 20 mins on break at work +1 activity point
Walked 1.1 mile pushing the stroller for 30 mins +2 activity point
15 mins of crunches, lunges, sqauts, push ups, and butt lifts +1 activity point

Total points: 25-5=20 points today
Total Water: 84 oz.

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