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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just when I needed it!

Last night while having Bible Study at my house (we are doing Me, Myself, and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild) Cori and Justin were there running around and hanging out in the guest room. Cori threw the remote to the fan against the wall--then later told Justin she was cold. Justin put her in time out, and then she spit (you know like the cute little raspberries babies do but this was not so cute.) Of course us ladies were in the living room trying to contain our laughter. Then Cori went even further. She got out of time out, run into the room, and spit her pacifier out at Justin.

Did I mention this jaw dropping behavior is coming from a 2 year old? It was a little comical to see her act out like that, but then I got concerned. Is this an indication of her future behavior? How do we take care of this now so that it isn't something that will haunt us forever?

Then low and behold! I find this site this morning!

They are doing a series on exactly what I need to hear right now! It is amazing when God does that. And even better, there is a giveaway. I challenge you to go, read, enter the giveaway, and then stay for the series, also on and learn how to effectively train your child in a Godly way.

Obviously what the world has been doing for so long isn't working. My husband and I see this first-hand volunteering for our church youth. I have never met a youth group with so much disrepect for God, the church, and adults. It is heart breaking and we have vowed to train up our child (and future children) differently!


Mickkie said...

You are the most amazing person! I just love your honesty and willingness to change and do things differently than the world. You are doing a great job with Cori and she will be a great kid!

Jessica said...

Justin says I made Cori sound nicer than what she actually was!