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Friday, June 26, 2009

Speaking of Losing things

We got this amazing little camera right before Cori was born. She is two now. We filled the camera up the first day she was home from the hospital. And we couldn't figure out how to get the movies off. So the camera has been in a drawer, forgotten about. But with my fancy new laptop I figured it out today. And I am pretty excited about it.

And so today we got to see the most wonderful movies of when Cori was two days old. So crazy to see her so tiny and helpless. Now she can ask while I am downloading the movies, "Mooooommmy, what are you doooooooin?"

It is just so amazing the difference two years can make. In our lives it doesn't seem like so much changes during that time period. We probably still work the same place we did two years ago. We might weigh the same as we did two years ago. We probably even still wear the same pj's we wore two years ago. But for a child, two years is a life time. Two years is the difference from being a tiny 6 lb helpless baby, and a 30 lb princess who insists on wearing high heels that are 10 sizes too big.

From being the size of a football, to being able to throw a football.

I am so amazed at the change in my life that tiny little girl brought about. Being a mom is the best job in the world. Having her was an amazing miracle. It was amazing to see her when she was so tiny. I remember saying that I would never forget when she was that tiny. Until I saw it in the movies--I had. She was so tiny.

I see that and I thank God for the amazing blessing of Cori. Justin and I just sat and reflected on how amazing she is (like we do every other night.) But tonight it was even more special.

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