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New Year's Weight Loss Challenge

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Purge baby Purge

So, after finishing our study Me, Myself, and Lies this week I decided not only do I have to do a job of cleaning out my thought closet, but I needed to clean up my clothes closet. I hold onto clothes forever. I attach memories to my clothes, and that makes it hard to get rid of them. So tonight, after serious urging from my husband...I did it. I threw out (rather put in the give away pile) clothes that I haven't worn in years, or maybe never wore.

It felt good. Now I have a visual reminder of the things that I learned in my last study. Out with the old, and in with the new. When I start thinking those dumb old thoughts that Satan likes to throw at me, I will remember purge baby purge. I will throw those out like all the ill-fitting clothes from yester-year. I am not keeping onto stuff anymore. I am not pulling up bad memories, but I am claiming the promises of the Word.

I am focusing on truth, the truth of the Bible, and the true things that God says about me. And I am focusing on the truth of what fits me and my life right now. Old things are put away and the new (wo)man is alive in me.

Oh, and my sweet husband promises me that I can buy new stuff if I get rid of old stuff! And so when I lose the extra weight I have been carrying around with me since high school, I will be able to have wonderful new clothes, to make new memories in.

Pretty exciting day. Now I gotta get some sleep!

1 comment:

Sean Anderson said...

beautiful post. Out with the old and in with the new you!